Great Crate - Plastic, Rentable and Re-Usable Alternative to Cardboard Boxes!

Moving sucks... Now that we got that out of the way lets' try and make it less sucky or at least tolerable. Next time you are moving your home or office, don't waste time and money with buying cardboard boxes just to take them to the recycling center after. Awesome Storage rents re useable plastic moving boxes, the 'Great Crate' that we can deliver to your home or business. Packing and moving will be way easier with our crates and other necessary supplies. Wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap, dollies, mattress covers, even tape, labels and markers. Its' as simple as pack em, stack em, and send them back! Next move try using the 'Great Crate' with our 'Awesome Box' and our no tilt delivery system. It's a great combo.




So easy when they are all the same size, no more trying to play jenga with odd sizes of boxes, totes and garbage bags. Very important in case your 'free help' stacks your books on top of your wine glasses. They stack empty too.



This high density plastic does not bend, crush or absorb water so suitable in any weather and you never know what the weather will be like or the condition of the truck or trailer you rented or borrowed, just saying...

(Don't get  us wrong, we still want our pizza delivered in cardboard but that's where we draw the line)



No tape, less packing material, re useable, no trip to the recycling center after. Best of all no fighting with the roll of clear tape trying to find the end. Now you can feel great and literally go hug a tree once you unpack your wool socks and Birkenstocks .


Cost Effective

Moving sucks enough without having to go broke to do it. Compare with the cost of cardboard, you'll be shocked. You can treat yourself to something nice with the money you saved, like maybe that new dirtbike.



  1. How do I get the great crate?

Give us a call, email or text. We will answer your questions, confirm the details and schedule your delivery and pick up.

  1. How do I pay?

We accept credit, debit and e transfers but we always need a Visa or MC for the security deposit.

  1. Do you have a minimum order?

There is no minimum order for the Great Crate.

  1. Are you a moving company?

We are not a moving company, we are part of Awesome Storage which provides portable moving and storage solutions, (the Awesome Box) which people use for moves within Alberta.

  1. Can I buy a Great Crate?

Sorry we do not offer that service.

Pricing & Specs

$6.00 each with a $10.00 refundable deposit


Dimensions 23" long x 16" wide x 13" tall (2 cubic feet)

Or for the metric minded

600 mm   x 400 mm    x 315 mm (56 l)

Approx Guidelines

1 bedroom ( up to 500 sq ft)  25 - 35
2 bedroom ( up to 1000 sq ft)  35 - 45
3 bedroom ( up to 1500 sq ft )  45 - 55
4 bedroom ( up to 2000 sq ft)  55 - 65
5 bedroom ( up to 2500 sq ft)  65 - 75

Don't worry if you need more we will get some more out to you!