Steel frame, smooth wall design, skid proof floor, water tight and lockable


Awesome boxes come in 3 sizes:

Small: approx. 8' x 8' x 10' enough space for about 1 - 2 rooms, small apt. etc

Medium: approx. 8' x 8' x 16' enough space for about 3 ' 4 rooms

Large: approx. 8' x 8' x 20' enough room for 4 ' 5 rooms

-Pack and store at your own pace

-Awesome box delivered to your home or business to suit your schedule

-Ground level entry makes loading easy

-Safe, secure and convenient storage site in Olds

-No long term rental commitment

-Free cancellation


Most times it costs more to rent a moving truck for 1 day then it costs to rent an awesome box for a whole month. No need to rush to return it by a deadline so you can pack at your own pace.  Less stress is awesome.

What' even better is you don't not have to borrow your friends truck, bribe your friends with pizza, make multiple trips to the storage facility and then unload just to go through the whole exercise again when you need your stuff back.  An awesome box is simply more efficient use of your time, ( and your friends will stop blocking your calls)...AWESOME



If you are planning to list your house for sale but concerned about too much 'stuff'.

Your rooms look larger and Realtors will advise that a staged home tends to sell faster and at a higher price. That's awesome.


If you've renovated you know how hard it is with all the stuff in the way? An Awesome box is the perfect solution, Have your stuff out of the way but close by, secured on your property or we can store it at our facility.


Since packing is your responsibility, Awesome Storage cannot be held responsible for the shifting of your contents while in transportation. Please make sure all of your items are properly secured.


Awesome Storage is not responsible for any damage to contents placed in the 'awesome box'. Customers are advised to protect their property through insurance or otherwise. You accept the terms of the Awesome Box Rental agreement by loading the awesome box with your possessions.


How to Pack an Awesome Box!


As with most things, the better prepared you are, the smoother it will go. If you suffer from PPS (Procrastination Packing Syndrome) take our advice ' start packing early.

Break it down into small bite size pieces and before you know will be done.

We all have the clutter zone, it was called the 'junk drawer' when I was a kid, now it is called my garage.

Start by separating into categories like: trash, donate, recycle, keep.


Some pieces of furniture should be wrapped in plastic wrap or bubble wrap before you pack it. But before you wrap it you need to prepare it.
  1. Wipe your wood furniture clean. One less thing to do when you unpack it. If anything is stuck to it, it may scratch in the move, especially if you pile boxes on top of your table.
  2. Remove any furniture legs that can be removed. Use zip lock style sandwich bags to keep them in, put a post-it note or piece of paper inside it that describes what piece of furniture these are for, don't count on your memory, as they all start to look the same after a while.
  3. Have your couches or other padded furniture cleaned prior to wrapping them. Especially if you have pets and pet odor. If you wrap them up without cleaning them it just intensifies the odor when you unwrap them. Obviously, make sure the fabric is 100% dry before you wrap it up.
  4. Keep dresser drawers inside the dressers but secure them so they do not open in transit. Saves these drawers getting damaged and what better place for them to be, Many people even keep clothes inside the drawers or fill the drawers with small decorative items like pictures. Saves you having to pack another box.
  5. Always use padded packing blankets between your furniture and surrounding pieces to prevent scratching from movement in transit.


Appliances are expensive, they are often not even considered until the last minute as they are often used right up until you move. We recommend having the appliances prepped at least 24 hours before packing into an Awesome Box.
  1. Fridges and freezers should be defrosted and completely dry before you pack them into the Awesome Box.
  2. Fold a piece of cardboard and secure in the door opening of the fridge and freezer to prevent mildew and mold from building up inside the appliance.
  3. Clean your oven before you move it, secure broiler pan, oven racks etc. Tape down knobs so they do not vibrate loose and disappear once you get to the other end.
  4. Washing machine hoses put inside the drum along with any large bulky soft items like sleeping bags or duvets.
  5. Tape the cords of all large appliances to the back of them so they do not dangle and get caught on other things while inside the Awesome Box but more importantly so you don't trip on that cord when carrying the washing machine down a flight of stairs.


Using cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes helps you make the most out of your available space in the Awesome Box. Use a good quality packing tape and dispenser. Don't pack too many heavy things in large boxes like books. Make sure you double tape the bottom. Boxes taped on top as opposed to four close folded method stack better.
  1. Use bubble wrap, tea towels, etc around your fragile items and glassware before placing in the box.
  2. Try to pack the box full so it does not bulge out on the sides or cave in when you put another box on top of it.
  3. Buy a handful of black markers so you can label the boxes of contents, I say handful because you will misplace these countless times. Labeling the boxes makes placing them in the right rooms at the other end much easier.
  4. Don't pack liquids, gasoline, solvents, propane tanks, etc in cardboard boxes or Awesome Box. These should travel in a separate vehicle.


You want to optimize space as you load as well as distribute weight evenly across the Awesome Box as you load. If you know there are items you will need first or before you get to your new location those should go in last or in a separate vehicle.
  1. Turning your couches on end will save space, you want to use as much height as you can inside the Awesome Box.
  2. Try to put the heaviest items on each side of the Awesome Box.
  3. Take advantage of top space for mirrors and larger pictures once wrapping a blanket or bubble wrap.
  4. Use the odd spaces between furniture or inside dryer and oven for smaller items.
  5. Pillows and stuffed animals placed in large black garbage bags make great bumpers and to fill in empty spaces, especially up high.
  6. Mattresses and box springs stand up nicely on their end and will almost.
  7. Take up the entire vertical space. Always a good suggestion to put these in a mattress bag to not soil the fabric.


Check with your insurance broker to make sure your contents are covered during the move and or storage. Place a strong sturdy pad lock on the container doors. We recommend a disc style lock.

If you have any further questions about the Awesome Box, its features, advantages and benefits please contact us.

Call/Text (403) 415-5121


What is the 'Awesome Box'?

'Awesome box' storage is an easy, convenient solution for moving, storage, renovations or staging your home for sale.

We deliver the awesome box to your home or business, you pack it and when you are ready we can pick it up and move it to our facility in Olds, or you can store it on your property.

Perfect for seasonal uses of your business.

Does Awesome Storage provide moving help?

We do not offer that service but we can refer qualified movers in your area who can help you load your 'Awesome Box'.

Can I change or cancel my reservation?

Yes, we do not take a deposit and therefore you can cancel it at anytime with no penalty or charges.

Is the 'Awesome Box' secure?

'Awesome Box' is made of steel, weather and water tight and lockable to keep your  possessions safe.

How much stuff can I fit in an 'Awesome Box'?

We have three different sizes, as stated above. The outside dimensions of each box is approx. 8' x 8' x 10', 16' or 20' in length.

Can I get an "Awesome Box' in my area?

Awesome Box is available in the Central Alberta area of Olds. We will and have gone further but additional delivery charges will apply, please call to get a complete quote

How should I pack the 'Awesome Box'?

You should pack your 'Awesome Box' as tightly as possible for these reasons:

  • To maximize storage space and to prevent shifting and moving when the Awesome box is picked up.
  • That will protect your possessions and save you money, and that's kinda Awesome

How much space do I need for an 'Awesome Box' at my house or apartment?

In order to place an 'Awesome Box' on your property we will need a clearance of approx.  12' wide, 15' height (with no overhanging wires or branches) and approx. 30' long plus additional space for the truck and trailer. We always like to do a drive by prior to quoting to make sure we will have enough room.  If you live in an apartment or condo complex, you are responsible for securing the necessary approvals from the property management company for clearances and locations of the 'Awesome Box'.

Can I get my "Awesome Box' delivered or pick up on weekends?

Hours are Monday to Friday but with advance notice we can arrange for weekend scheduling.

How long do I have the 'Awesome Box' for?

We rent the 'Awesome Box' in increments of 1 month (30 days) so you have the flexibility to load and unload at your own pace.

Do I have to be there when the 'Awesome Box' is delivered or picked up?

No it is not necessary that you are there we recommend that someone be present on site whenever possible. Deliveries and pick-ups are scheduled anytime after 9 am and it is the customers responsibility to ensure the adequate clearance, approval and accessibility of the 'Awesome Box'.

Awesome Storage will guarantee delivery date but unable to guarantee the delivery time. To ensure that the 'Awesome Box' is available when you need it be sure to have the 'Awesome Box' delivered the day before you need to load / unload it.